How do I choose the right durable metal buttons

update: 2018-06-07

    The bathroom damp environment, accessories also tend to use the wet corrosion resistant material. Metal parts has gradually become the mainstream of the bathroom with its unique luster and multiple modeling. To select the suitable metal parts, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

    Matching. With its configuration three piece bathroom (bath, toilet, basin) three-dimensional style to match, also be consistent with the water modeling and surface coating treatment. Bathroom accessories both copper plated plastic products, also polished copper products of copper, more is chrome plated products, the titanium alloy products are the most expensive, followed by copper chromium products, stainless steel chrome plated products, chrome plated aluminum alloy products, iron chrome plated products and plastic products.

    Coating. In chrome products, general product coating is 20 microns thick, a long time, inside the material susceptible to air oxidation, copper chrome plating and work stress is 28 microns thick, its compact, uniform coating, good use effect.

Practical. Imported products for the titanium or chromium plated copper, "color" crisp, delicate beautiful, but the price is more expensive. Now some joint venture brands or domestic brands of copper prices relatively affordable, and chrome plated stainless steel product prices lower.

    In addition, many small accessories will be used glass, the need for daily cleaning house, the bathroom should use acid and very smooth glass. Need to remind consumers, buy accessories or durable and practical as the primary consideration, not too much affected by the influence of the trend.