Export garment accessories environmental requirements can not be ignored

update: 2018-06-07

    A zipper, buttons, hot drilling status, metal fasteners and other accessories in garment design is becoming more and more serious, some sense of design materials are widely used in women's fashion and leisure clothing, but the expert reminds, accessories in addition to practical and decorative functions of the two, but also ensure the health, safety, environmental protection, enterprises in the export garment accessories, environmental requirements do not ignore plastic accessories.

    At present, Quanzhou export garment enterprises and buttons, zipper manufacturer, is more concerned about the plating metal buttons, buttons and combination, nickel, lead and other heavy metals content in zipper metal material, but often overlook the resin accessories environmental requirements.

    Quanzhou City textile and Garment Chamber of a responsible person said, the recent period of time, the occurrence of excessive cause resin parts unqualified in apparel return events, resin buttons and zippers, transmission and rejected mainly because the total lead content, resin buttons and zippers and low price, low requirements of the mold, so in the garment production is widely used, the quality and safety of the products of export garment enterprises should cause attention.

    The responsible person to remind, enterprises should increase the quality and safety management and control of plastic accessories, clothing accessories products when necessary will send third party testing institutions detection, in order to validate the results of the raw material supplier. In addition, to organize production strictly in accordance with the technical regulations and standards of the importing country, do not blindly follow the customer requirements, avoiding the loss of.